Live Boldly

Live with boldness

Once upon a time, there was a man from Europe who saved up money for months to buy a boat ticket to America. The trip would take two months, so the man bought a two-month supply of cheese and crackers. Day after day, he would eat cheese and crackers while watching the other passengers eat gourmet dishes. On the last day of the trip, someone approached the man with the cheese and crackers, asking him why he ate the same thing every day. Embarrassed, he answered that he only had enough money to buy the boat ticket, not the meals. The other man replied, “Didn’t you know the meals were included?!”

How many of us are living like the man with cheese and crackers when there is a spot at the banquet table waiting for us?

Through Jesus, we have not been given only enough to get by in life, but Jesus has supplied us will all we need to live full lives! 

We begin to embrace this full life by understanding our identity as children of God. As long as we believe the lies that the enemy has told us about our identity, we will never live with the confidence that Jesus died for us to have.

The key to standing strong through adversity is to know who you truly are as a child of God. 

You are not a sick person fighting to be well; you are a well person fighting sickness. 

You are not an addict fighting to be free; you are a free person fighting addiction. 

You are not a defeated person fighting for victory; you are a victorious person fighting defeat. 

Luke 14 is a parable of Jesus about a son who had taken his inheritance early. The son left home, wasting all that he was given on empty efforts and careless living. When the son eventually returned to his father’s house, filthy and empty-handed, the father didn’t condemn the son for his sin. No! He passionately embraced him—filth and all—and welcomed him back home.  

No matter what you have done, know that God embraces you as His son, His daughter. You have a seat at the table. 

…I read that and realized what a habit we have! We don’t think “Freedom”, we think “Chains”. Know who you are. Find perspective! 🙂


Liebster Award

My second Liebster Award! Wahoo!! Thankyou perseveroflife! Wow, y’all need to check her out! Her blog is new and exciting. You’ll love what you read; I know I do!

I really appreciate this and cannot wait to get started.


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and give a link to the blog.

2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.

3. Nominate 5-11 other bloggers.

4. Ask your nominees 11 questions.

5. Notify your nominees after youve uploaded your post.

Simran’s Questions:

1. If you want to be a great writer you have to be a great reader. Do you agree with this?

– kind of. I personally love reading, but i know some great writers that are not into reading. And if you have the talent than you have it. 🙂

2. What is the purpose of your blog?

– The purpose of my blog is to spread joy! I want to be known as a positive person and I want to spread that positivity. I want my readers to know I sincerely care about each one of them! Y’all are very important to me 🤗

3. Give two good and two bad habits of yours.

– good: finding good in people & working out and eating healthy

– bad: being hard on myself & holding things in more than dealing with them

4. According to you, what defines a writer?

– Putting passion into words. Finding inspiration. Feeling free as you write what was once circulating in your mind. Loving every second of it! 🔥

5. Would you travel or rather read a book at home?

-Travel! My answer will forever be travel. It’s like living a book!

6. What is your favorite genre?

– honestly everything! I love Action, Romance, and Comedy; especially when there mixed together.

7. How are you spending your time in this lockdown?

– Well, I love biking. So I’ve been doing a lot of that. Also, we have a beautiful river by our house so I love walking by it and fishing.

8. What is your favorite book?

– hmm. I love the hunger games books series (and of course the movies). I read so many books so I couldn’t tell you for sure! The book “switch on your brain” is awesome. There’s a lot a good ones!

9. What would you do, if you get an extra day in the year?

– Oooo. I would spend it by doing things that make me happy. Like biking, writing, swimming, and fishing.

Sometimes it’s important to take time for yourself 😊

Questions for nominees:

1. Where is your happy place?

2. What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

3. If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

4. What is your favorite word?

5. Tell us 1 fact about yourself!

6. What is your impossible dream?

7. What is one thing in your life you wish you could relive?

8. What’s one thing you’ve done that you regret?

9. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

10. What is your favorite animal?

11. What makes you different (in a good way 😂)?


All of my followers! Y’all are amazing. I’m eager to hear your answers. All y’all deserve it! ❤️

Anxious for nothing

Today I wanna share a few relatable things that trigger anxiety for me and ways to make it go away…

Anxiety is something most people struggle with from one time to another. It truly is hard.

For me, I start feeling dizzy in the beginning. I can’t control tears. And breathing feels difficult. Usually, if I’m around people I try to get away. But, if I can’t I smile and keep talking. And pretend I’m ok. If anyone happens to notice and asked what’s happening I say I’m dehydrated.

See? I have the system down. Your right, it’s unhealthy to have that in-depth of a plan.

That is why it is really good to find a person you can trust and tell that person what’s going on. If it’s the right person they will be there for you in ever situation! Thankyou, to my person 😉

Though I could keep explaining.. I should probably get started…. here goes…

What triggers me:

Being Alone

Being alone is really big for me. Usually people experiencing anxiety like being alone, but I cannot. Some of you know: I had depression only a little over a year ago. God got me out! But, being alone gives old thoughts a new chance to creep into my mind. 👀

I deal with this by… drumroll please… Daydreaming! It trains my mind that it is ok to be alone, but it keeps other thoughts from creeping in. Just be careful! Because it can also be dangerous. It can become a drug. Very addictive. Why? Because you create a perfect world (almost like a simulation) and coming back to reality sometimes seems hard. If you know what I mean. So be healthy about it… like everything, know your limits. 🙃

– Being called something I’m not

Never treat someone less than you! I’ve been in that spot and it hurts. I’m working on not taking it to heart, but it’s not easy! It takes 7 positives to block out 1 negative. That’s rough odds! So smile when you walk by someone, compliment a stranger, and show people you care. You will make someone’s day! And that should be an everyday goal. How I deal with this one is being positive towards others and breathing in the joy I see in their eyes. I don’t mean to confuse you, but if you struggle with this.. you’ll understand! 😇

Being Ignored

Ughhh. This is why I started blogging. As human beings, we need to feel like we have a voice!

Remember all the times you had something to say and were ignored or talked over. Yep, that feeling sucks! Simple solution- open your ears to people around you. Don’t just hear them. Listen to them! And talk to God. He won’t ever ignore you.

Imagine how God feels… we, as his children, ignore him all the time. Thousands of people ignore him. Change that!

Not standing up for myself

Yep. That one is my own fault. Needless to say, I’m a little bit of a people pleaser. I walk away. That’s how I deal with things: on my own. And sometimes that’s good. But, when God says to take care of ourselves, he doesn’t just mean our appearance. There is good/ healthy ways to stand up for yourself. Find which one works for you!

On that note…

Another great blog to refer to on this subject is: themindfulmodus. Her recent blog on “5 calming activities for the anxious mind” was really good! She gives great tips and ideas! ✨😁

There’s many more “triggers” I could speak on. If y’all have one in particular you want me to add I would be happy to; let me know in the comments! ❤️

– Sincerely, Ruthie

Penable Award! 🎉

Wow. Another award! My second to be exact. 😃 Thank vincentehindero for nominating me! His blog is one of the most inspirational blogs you will ever come across. He is fun, entertaining, and very smart! Y’all will be very impressed! 😄🔥

Before I get tooo swept up in the excitement…. let’s get started…

Questions to me:

1. Have you inspired someone this week?…

This question really challenged me. I am someone who loves celebrating other people and feels kind of bad when I take the spotlight; even though deep down I like it. But, it is so important to realize that it’s healthy to celebrate your own wins!

My answer is: obviously, I hope so! But, I also am sure. Lol. You get it!?… Anyhoo. I was talking with another lady about some things she is currently going through and I was able to give her some tips and advice towards the right path! Isn’t that cool!?!

And of course, my aim is to inspire you wonderful people! Love y’all! 😉😉🤗

2. What is the most fun thing you’ve done?…

Vincent!!! That is a very hard question. Hmm. Ok, here’s a good one!..

Every other year I go to Disney World! That is pretty darn fun! We usually stay in the beach club resort; though I have stayed in the Swan and dolphin, contemporary, and Polynesian. I love the food, we eat at so so many different restaurants! And magic kingdom is my favorite park. Space mountain or rock n’ roller coaster is my favorite ride! If you ever go to animal kingdom be sure to get pineapple dole whip by the tree of life! That’s all I can think of for now 🙂

3. Do you have solid future plans for your blog?…

Yes and No. Haha, sorry to be confusing. 😬😅

My solid plan is to go with the flow. Wherever God takes me, I will go. Whenever he calls me, I will answer. Whatever he tells me, I will write.

I just plan to be a light. And find more people with great passion and sincerity.. which is another reason to check out vincentehindero blog! He is very passionate and real, yet has great and entertaining stories!


1. Tag your post with the #penableaward.

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4. Tell us what your writing talent is.

5. Ask three questions that you have been asked.

6. Nominate three inspiring people for this award.

7. Let them know you nominated them.

8. Give them three new questions.

I Nominate:

1. Contributor (the strong traveler)

2. Princess (the mindful modus)

3. The Freethinker (the truth)

My questions:

1. Who is your favorite author? Why?…

2. What is the inspiration behind your amazing writing?…

3. What is your best advice to younger you?…

This was super fun to do! I can’t wait till next time. Thanks for reading! 🤗


Beautiful Questions!?!

Ooooo. I love being asked questions and I’m convinced there is more people out there who do too..?! 😄

Sooo. We’re going to play a fun game called- if you you like questions this is the game for you! Just kidding, that’s too long; we definitely don’t have to call it that 😂😂😂

Ok, here’s how it goes…

1. Pick a question from the list below

2. Answer the question (either in the comments or make a blog about it. And state the question you picked or the number of the question.)

3. If you made a blog about it… link to this post, clearly define the rules, and make other fantastic questions for people to choose from!

Sounds like fun! Right?


1. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

2. What is your favorite coffee shop?

3. What is three of your favorite hobbies?

4. Do you feel more confident in the morning or night?

5. How are you, really?

6. How would you behave, if you were the best in the world at what you do?

7. What is your worst fear?

8. What is your biggest goal?

9. Are you finding your dream job or are you creating it?

10. Why are you worth knowing?

11. Where does your faith lay?

12. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

13. What/who makes you instantly happy?

14. What is your favorite color?

15. What do you love about yourself?

16. What is your middle name?

17. What makes you cringe?

I hope y’all have fun with this! 🙂

If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask! I’m always excited to answer!

-Ruthie 🙂

Liebster Award!!!

Hey y’all! That’s right, my very first award! 😄😄😄

Thankyou so so much Rishabh Kumar! This means a lot to me! I’m super stoked… I feel honored 😅 I know the very first rule is to make the link to Rishabh’s blog, but unfortunately (and honestly😆) I do not know how to do that. Sooo I will leave you with his blogs name: rishabh_myjoopress. Definitely look him up! He is very poetic and has such a fantastic way with words! His blog is very inspirational 😉


Link to this blog in your Liebster Award blog post.

• Answer the questions given to you.

• Create more questions for your nominees to answer.

• Comment on this blog with a link directly to your Liebster Award.


• What makes you blog for the first time?

That’s my favorite question! And here is my answer… I wanted to have a voice. I wanted to be able to openly talk about God and to meet other people who had that same passion! (And I did 😃)

Where would you visit after the Covid-19 Pandemic is gone?

Oooo. I want to go everywhere! The place I want to go most is Israel though. Oh just imagine how spectacular it would be to travel the world!?!

• What else you do apart from blogging?

Well, my ultimate goal is to be a veterinarian. But, as for right now, I am a inspired farm girl… also I work at an automotive shop 😄

• What have you learned and discovered in this lockdown?

I have learned so much about people. A persons true colors come out in these times! However, the first thing that comes to mind is fear. I’ve learned that fear fuels a lot of people. It is sad, but true.

• If you had the power to be invisible what would you do now?

Yikes, tough one. I would probably play a silly trick on my sister 😂

• Your favorite quarantine food?

This is super easy! All the time, I LOVE peanut Butter! 😋😆

Added Questions:

• Who do you look up to the most in your life? Why?

• What is your favorite song that always makes you happy?

• What is your biggest goal in life right now?

• Why do you love your life?


A Curious Mind

• Vincent Ehindero

• Bunmi’s Crib

• buddingspark (Tanya sheik)

• The Godly Chic Diaries

Thankyou, to all my followers for letting me have this amazing experience! Love y’all!

Let me know in the comment section how to make and post a link. 😂😂😂



“So I say to you, ask and keep on asking, and it will be given to you; seek and keep on seeking, and you will find; knock and keep on knocking, and the door will be open to you” -Luke 11:9


If you were sent to a house and told that when the door opens you’ll get a million dollars, how many times would you knock?🚪

You would knock way more than once!?! You would knock till the door opens!

Why aren’t we like this in our relationship with God? You can make up as many excuses as you would like, but it comes back to what you want with your life.

Don’t give up! Fight! You are worth it! And God is -Most Definitely- worth it! You got this!